My Oga on the Hot Seat

     Yea Yea i know everyone has over-flogged the “oga at the top” issue but i just quickly want to say this “Preparation is key to whatever we do in life” even jesus told us to prepare for the second coming.

     You were called to talk on an issue and you granted the interview without knowing jack about what it is you were going to tell them, that say’s a lot about you and the way you run your organisation, the super eagles didn’t just wake up one morning and head for south africa the next day to compete for the African Cup of Nations, it took them a whole lot of preparation and also putting in mind that they have to reject the name nigerians have resulted into calling them (super chickens), they worked and trained hard to not only erase the notion of nigerians about them but also of the entire african nation.

     My penny for you is that if ever you are called to do or say anything anywhere you better be prepared, if not……………till then anyway


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