5 Sec Post

     Have you ever been patient enough to discover that every answer you get for a question actually posses another question in your mind?

Lets take for example:
Q: How old are you?
A: I’m 28years old
Q: How did u know you are 28yrs of age?
A: Because i was born in 1985
Q: How did you know you were giving birth to in 1985?
A: I have a birth certificate that say’s so
Q: Who gave you the birth certificate?
A: My Parents
     I might have used a very dumb example just to make my point clear to everyone on whatever intellectual level you may be but the “koko” (fact) of the matter is that if only we could just be a little more inquisitive we will get to the very root of situations.
     I once read a quote that said “You don’t have to have the right answers just have the right questions



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