Make we hear WORD!!!

It is very common to hear a guy say “Girls are MATERIALISTIC” almost all guys say that but have you really stopped to examine the kinda guy that says that?

We all know that guys pride in the fact that they can provide anything their lady wants, every guy will openly boast and let the whole world know that he pays for every single thing his woman owns, even in the guy circle, you are not yet considered a MAN if there are some basic things you can’t provide for your lady, so where did the statement “Girls are Materialistic” materialise from?

It is common knowledge that ladies will request for a lotta things, Even God had to create the garden of Eden and put Adam to take care of it first before Eve came because she will need stuffs he would have to provide, yea some ladies do go to the extreme but sure we know those ones but I’m talking about your WIFE, FIANCE or GirlFriend (Which btw you are about proposing to).

Assuring he’s the only man on her mind, a real man takes care of all his woman’s needs: Body, Mind & Soul,
Any guy that complains that his lady is materialistic is a broke niccur and needs a job quick, Stop using scriptures to back up your broke state to your lady, find a job or work to do, she won’t eat Chronicles or wear Psalms.

This whole thing is now getting to a point where even lazy guys now have a ready-made excuse for their laziness, once their lady start asking for things they bring up the whole “Materialistic” lecture just to shut the woman up, Love Is paramount but my guy you need money in that relationship, ur woman no go chop stone.

Let’s carry out a litmus test, try giving your lady every thing she asks you for just 48hrs and see the result, what you will first notice is the pride that you would have and the joy just by doing that and you will also see your lady wearing a smile you have never seen before and she just suddenly tends to do everything for you before you even ask, the conclusion of my premise is this: if you can make your lady happy, you would have succeeded in making yourself a happy man.

You have needs, she has needs but your needs are *BS* once hers comes in, remember your lady is not a whore, so don’t even think about the “Bros before Whores” ish at all, her needs comes first, ask any happy couple.

Finally, Whether you like it or yes, ladies need money, so you should know and be ready for that commitment when you stop that lady to say “HI”