Enough is Enough

It’s 12:07 am right now and where I am or what I am doing is nothing to blog about but really I’ve been able to experience a couple of things that actually got me thinking.

We all know the human heart always yearn for companionship, love , care and respect but what if we get this companion and don’t get the desired respect we so yearn for?
For example, you start dating a girl that professes much love to you but still wants you to understand that she needs to continue her “RUNS” but you surely are the guy she wanna end up with, who does that?

The lady that claims to love you so much but finds it hard to say the 3 magical words I LOVE YOU and she tells you it doesn’t matter if she says it or not.
Another scenario is when you have to deal with the one that has anger tantrums and every little discussion becomes an argument and a fight and you guys don’t call each other for weeks.
Or dealing with the obsessed one, she monitors everything down to the way you blink your eyelids and she tries to poison herself when you guys have a quarrel and you threatening to leave.

I know ladies would find this post quite one sided and yes I am speaking from that one side today because of what I’ve seen and heard, Respect is reciprocal, you give it to have it, most ladies don’t understand that and think life would just swing their way.

Some want to manage guys when they can’t even manage themselves, most ladies I see today tend to make me wonder, How in heavens sake would this Lady transit to being a Woman because as far as I’m concerned that future is very blurry.

So I say this one more time, You give respect to get one and you can’t give what you don’t have, so go build yourself and stop whining about all guys being the same.