Do Something

A boy went to a native doctor and requested to know how bright his destiny will be.

The native doctor drew a circle with a white chalk and another circle with a black chalk. After that, he placed a dead millipede on the floor and asked the boy to watch carefully.

He said he would say some incantations to make the dead millipede start crawling. He told the boy that if the millipede crawls into the white circle, it means that his destiny will be bright. but if it crawls inside the black circle, it means his destiny will be dark.

Finally he started his incantations and the dead millipede started crawling. When it got in between the two circles, it turned and started crawling towards the black circle.

The boy watched and immediately it was about entering the black circle, the boy picked it and gently dropped it inside the white circle.

The native doctor who got furious asked the boy why he did that. The boy said he won’t fold his arms and watch his destiny crawl into darkness

As funny as that story might sound it’s true, we need to take control of our destinies, God said he will bless the works of our hands, there is little he can do if we have nothing.

We all just wanna sit down fold our arms and expect our daily bread to pop out from thin hair, this ain’t STAR WARS or STAR TREK were things are just being beamed to any location.

It has always been about the race right from the very beginning of our lives, as sperms we race to be the first to get to the egg and being the best academically and being the most successful and being the best parents and best achiever till we all die

Everyone that has actually made it through in all this category will know that it takes the grace of GOD and SELF determination to get there, nobody crosses to the other side of the road by just standing on the pouch and mopping at the traffic, you’ve got to be pro active

So many people unlike the boy sat down there and watch their destiny and life take a negative slide and now they call a pity party on themselves

Take a decision, get up and do something today.