This Little Things

We all complain about the looting going on in our government, the bribery and all sorts of corrupt practices but what we all fail to get is the fact that all this is a build up from our day to day “little” corrupt practices.

Take for example, the youth that decides not to return his/her parents change after an errand, apprentices telling the cashier to give them another invoice with an inflated price and also the cashier yielding to that request on the grounds of being offered a tip, petrol station attendants tampering with their pumps for sale or even huddling the product so as to sell at an higher price later.

All “This Little Things” we do are what grows with us and turns us all to bad leaders because you won’t have people like the examples I have stated in positions of power and you expect them not to be corrupt.

We all need to be the change we want.



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