My Little Friend

One sunny afternoon I was seated close to my window just thinking things over and I noticed that for 10mins straight there was this bird that kept flying from the top of the fence to my window sill, it will perch on the ground for a second to pick something and fly back to my window sill to eat what it picked and fly back to the fence to scout.

I noticed it never spent more than 2sec on the ground, it kept flying from one height to the other and not really walking around on the ground.

Now I know you will be wondering why I have decided to inflict this pain called boredom on you but this little friend of mine actually thought me what i have been trying so hard to understand just within 10mins.

Why associate with a mediocre when you have wings to fly that was just what the little bird taught me, the little bird found it very hard to dwell on a low pedestal and it did not allow any force to subject it to do so.

We all know how big chicken wings are but the longest flight ever recorded for a chicken was just for 13seconds (you can google that)

I am going to be talking about some species of birds and relate them to life issues.

1.) Ostrich: This is a big bird, actually the biggest bird with huge wings, it’s known to run at an estimated speed of 45mph (72km/h) in a short burst and that was said to have been faster than a race horse ( but with all these amazing qualities and attributes the ostrich remains a flight less bird.

We do have a good percentage of people who are like the ostrich, they posses all the qualities you can ever imagine but they don’t have a single idea of the fact that they can fly, so all they do is run around and they greatly limit themselves to the ground when their are actually heights to conquer.

2.) Chickens: As I said earlier the longest flight ever recorded for a chicken was 13sec, now that leaves us with the fact that chickens actually know they can fly but they have never done past 13sec and you only see a chicken fly when there is trouble, so they are comfortable walking around.

Those in the chicken category actually know they can do better but they readily look for a comfort zone and stay there, they only get to move when trouble jolts them or they are confronted by a great responsibility like getting married, paying school fees…..etc

3.) Pigeons: Very cute birds if you ask me they do fly but are so eager to be on the ground and just walk around to be fed by humans

People in this category actually do fly but don’t like working to get anything they want, so they readily stoop low just to get a morsel.

And Finally we have the Great EAGLE

I am not going to bore you with details about the eagle because we all have heard a whole lot about the eagle and how we can relate its qualities to our general lifestyle.

We all really need to check ourselves and know which category we belong to so we can make amends.
It’s about 3am now and nature is really playing it’s tune in my ears, so I have to go and sleep so I can wake up early to prepare for the day.

Do have a great weekend



Building my passion for Photography: Test shots in my office

These Photos were taken by me just lazying around in my office but they ended up coming out good i guess (Abstract Photography)

Table flower in my office Photographed by me

My Fanta Bottle Photographed by me




Table flower in my office Photographed by Me

Boko Haram claims responsibility for Nigeria church bombings

This Just In

A militant Islamist group claimed responsibility Monday for bombings the day before that the Nigerian Red Cross said left 50 people at three Christian churches in Nigeria.

Boko Haram said the attacks Sunday in the Nigerian cities of Zaria and Kaduna were retaliation on Christians for destroying mosques and, according to the group, turning others into “beer parlour and prostitution joints.”

“Let them know that now it’s the time for revenge God willing,” the group said in a statement. “From now on, they either follow the right religion or there will be no peace for them.”

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Much ado about Future Ambition

I was having a discussion with a friend on saturday and he told me what he actually wanted to be was an IT guru who is also into music and football but today he is a medical doctor.

Now this article has nothing to do with the said friend of mine because he is actually happy as a medical doctor (seriously who won’t be).

There’s always this conflict between what we wanted to be and what we eventually become, for 90% of Nigerians it’s always a negative experience (I stand to be corrected) we always end up with what we never wanted but have grown to adjust to and forcefully like because of what society might say.

Most were pushed to read the course they read because like in my case my father wanted me to be the first medical doctor in the whole Adepoju clan (I actually didn’t end up becoming one tho, was close but not so close), some parents do that to try and secure their children’s future thinking if you take a professional course like that you will end up good for yourself.

All these are actually genuine actions borne out of love for their kids going by their own experience but what they fail to realise is that being pessimistic and running a race with fear in our heart will never produce a good result, we start living in the fear of the unknown.

As genuine as those actions might be, it traps our innate ability and power to be whatever it is we could be but the fact still remains that if only we know how to manage it well, we would all know that it could be turned into a positive force that would zap us into the future we’ve so feared with the right amount of confidence we need.

There are millions of youths in the university who don’t know what they want to end up as and those who know don’t have a single clue how to get there, we all are familiar with the common “Where do you see yourself in the next 20yrs” question but why not try and ask where they see themselves in the next 5yrs and then sit back to watch them look at you completely clueless.

We have leaders of tomorrow who have no clue what it is they have to do or even how to get to that future “mother Nigeria is asleep and her cubs have wandered into the jungle without protection”.

We all need to be re-orientated, if Nigeria is going to ever rise to her greatness, as a youth what are you doing now that is adding up to your future (by that I mean the next 3-5yrs).

I leave you with this words “Will the BOY you were be proud of the MAN you are now” – Bishop TD Jakes.



TGIF the very combination of alphabets that bring smiles to the faces and joy to the hearts of everyone, from workers to student everyone loves to hear this alphabets mentioned together, it trends for nothing less than an hour on twitter whenever is mentioned and even on facebook.

We all look forward and anticipate that day of the week we would have to say those alphabets which as in my own opinion been turned into a word *though it can’t be pronounced as one* everyone is happy to take a break from whatever it is they are doing.

Now we all know it is in our nature as humans to always make each day of our life count but really I have not heard anyone say this was what I did with the little break I got that actually made any sense to me, I actually wanted to blog about this topic this morning but I felt I should wait till evening to see if anyone will just give me a different answer, I am still waiting and will wait till monday, so this article might have a sequel.

We all say TGIF and run away from our jobs and everything that have to do with work, some even go as far as turning off their official phones, students use it as an excuse not to read their books, now my question is this “if you were to appear for a briefing on a contract you’ve been chasing for weeks, would TGIF be your valid excuse?”, “if you were to finalise a service for a client and get paid, would TGIF be your excuse?”, “if you were to write a professional exam by monday, would TGIF be your excuse?”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against the whole TGIF concept and neither am I a workaholic (even though my friends still think I am one) but some of us have used it as an excuse to legally indulge in the art laziness, procrastination and all sorts of funny…… But u get my point.

Take an opinion poll, on monday ask most of your friends what they actually did during the weekend, asides the usual I had the time to rest and attend to my self talk you actually don’t get to hear any other thing that will make_________(fill in the gap)

Let’s try and do what will make us say THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY (TGIF) by the time the next weekend comes calling.
Do have a lovely and fruitful weekend my dear friends.


Lord of the Remote

My Precious well all are familiar with that phrase, now I am not talking about a metaphysical ring with an in-built Gps owned by a supposed Dark Lord *actually no one ever saw his face, he could actually be a lady with an evil masculine voice* anyway I am talking about the TV remote.

Have you ever wondered the tactics involved in the game of being the one to determine what everyone watches on TV but to be real here, you actually act and feel like the Dark lord in the said movie just to get back your precious
I don’t really get the fact why fathers think it is their sole right to own the TV remote *no offence tho* but seriously, anyway let me drop that

So here I am having finally tracked down my precious now I can dictate how my world would move and feel

Anyway gotta go now, have got work to do.


This Little Things

We all complain about the looting going on in our government, the bribery and all sorts of corrupt practices but what we all fail to get is the fact that all this is a build up from our day to day “little” corrupt practices.

Take for example, the youth that decides not to return his/her parents change after an errand, apprentices telling the cashier to give them another invoice with an inflated price and also the cashier yielding to that request on the grounds of being offered a tip, petrol station attendants tampering with their pumps for sale or even huddling the product so as to sell at an higher price later.

All “This Little Things” we do are what grows with us and turns us all to bad leaders because you won’t have people like the examples I have stated in positions of power and you expect them not to be corrupt.

We all need to be the change we want.